Monday, November 9, 2009

At the Second India Disaster Congress, Vigyan Bhavan, Delhi

I had the unique privilege of attending the 2nd India Disaster Management Congress at Vigyan Bhavan between 04Nov-06Nov2009 ( those interested on details of the Congress can read it here).
What I am extremely glad to report is that during the question hour of  thematic sessions on "Mass Movements (Landslides and Avalanches)"- Plenary Hall, 05Nov2009, thematic session on "Involving Communities, NGOs in Disaster Management"- Plenary Hall, 05Nov2009  and that on "Early Warning and Disaster Communication" on 06Nov2009 (Hall no 5) I could raise the following issues :-
a) The increase in the incidents and severity of landslides in Darjeeling and the need for a holistic and sustained strategy to manage landslides in the district. ( During thematic session : Landslides)
b) Compensation for land loss (esp to farmers) due to landslides. ( During thematic session : Landslides)
c) Possibility of the Govt machinery issuing "Heavy Rainfall and Landslide Alerts" through SMS broadcasts. ( During thematic session : Early Warning and Disaster Communication )
d) Insurance of land against landslides. ( During thematic session : Communities, NGOs in Disaster Management )

Praful Rao

Comment by Praful Rao
My regrets for not posting more photographs - the security during the meeting often deterred  one from using cameras. However, more photos should be available on the NIDM website.

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