Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 years / 2 breaches - National Hydroelectric Power Corporation's (NHPC) Lo Dam (Stage III) on the River Teesta at Reang (Kalimpong)

Comment by Praful Rao

For those interested, Cyclone AILA affected the hills of Darjeeling district between 24 -26May2009 causing widespread damage and at least 27 deaths. The three days of rain also caused the river Teesta to become a swollen dragon which devoured parts of the NHPC dams at Reang (stageIII) and at Kalijhora (stageIV).
What is of interest and concern is that this is the second time the stage III dam at Reang has been inundated by the Teesta in the past 3 years. The last being in Jul2007.

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