Sunday, May 3, 2009

Students take the lead - Inter School Power Point Competition on "Landslide Hazards" - organized by Rotary Club of Kalimpong

The Rotary Club of Kalimpong, comprising of many prominent citizens of the town, has always been proactive as regards raising awareness about landslides. Thus, we held our very first talk on landslides way back in Dec07 (see blog of 07Dec07) at the Rotary Centre in Tapoban, Kalimpong.
On 02 May09, Rotary Kalimpong again took the lead by organizing an Inter- School Power Point Competition on the theme "Landslide Hazards in Darjeeling/Sikkim Himalayas"
STH worked closely with Rtn TK Pradhan (organizer of the event and also Director SSGP School, Kalimpong) in drawing up the suggestions and guidelines for the competition (slide 1) - help in this regard also came from Dr RK Bhandari (former Chairman CDMM, Vellore Institute of Technology and one of the world's leading experts on Geo-Hazards).
STH also coordinated field visits by school children and staff to landslide affected areas so that the presentations were realistic and based on first hand knowledge.
List of participating schools:-
1. St Augustine's School 2. St Joseph's Convent 3. Vrindavan School 4. SUMI School 5. SSGP School 6. Dr Graham's School 7. Rockvale Academy


Comment by Praful Rao
My thanks to Rotary Kalimpong for organizing this event. I would also like to thank the participating schools and also Mr Bishnu Chhetri of Farmer's Club, Kalimpong and Mr Dilip Bhujel of Sindebung for their time and cooperation.

Photo Credits :-
Mr GM Pradhan and Ms Aachal Tamang

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