Monday, April 20, 2009

STH, Landslide Awareness Program in the Rural Sector

Raising awareness about causes of landslide hazards and how we can prevent them, remains one of the primary roles of SaveTheHills.
With this in mind, on 18Apr2009 we carried out an awareness camp at the Centre for Mountain Dynamics (CMD), Pudung - Kalimpong, an NGO which does extensive work in the rural sector in Darjeeling district.
Approximately 45 resource people (men and women) from Self Help Groups (SHGs) of several Gram Panchayats (GP) of the district attended the hour long session which included an interactive session joined in by Mr Nayen Pradhan, President CMD (slide 1).
We also distributed STH Landslide Reporting Forms (slide2), which are standardized forms for reporting landslides to persons from Bijanbari GP, Mirik GP, Kalimpong Block II (Algarah) GP, Kafer (GP).


Bilingual (Nepali and English) landslide reporting forms have been made with a view to standardize landslide reports so that STH may maintain a database of landslides in the district. The same will be sent to NGOs and also to concerned govt departments.
My thanks to President/members of CMD who made this program possible and also to Ms Aachal Tamang of STH for her enthusiastic support.

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