Sunday, November 16, 2008

A milestone on the road ahead..

21Nov 2008 marks an important milestone on the road ahead for SaveTheHills (STH). We are engaged in organizing (and I daresay this) a national level Workshop on Landslide Hazards in Darjeeling/ Sikkim Himalayas at Southfield College, Darjeeling.
While the aim of this conference is to raise awareness amongst all about the serious landslide problem here and most importantly to initiate preventive and mitigation action against this hazard, it is also to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Oct 1968, disaster when thousands perished in this part of the world in landslides triggered by torrential rains.
Also, exactly 40 years ago in November 1968, a young geographer from Poland arrived here to study landslides and on 21Nov08 the same person- Prof Leszek Starkel, now a world famous scientist and recipient of numerous awards joins us for the workshop as our Main Speaker.
I have placed above the invitation front cover and the program schedule for the workshop.

praful rao

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