Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nature's mood swings: Sept rainfall data analysis

Actual rainfall Sep2007 : 771mm
Actual rainfall Sep2008 : 172mm
Average rainfall Sept : 368mm (

  • Placed above please find the rainfall data of Darjeeling for the month of Sep2007/08.
    September is a month when the monsoons begin their withdrawal from the country as such the average rainfall for Sep is normally less than the 600mm odd which is the approx average for the other monsoon months. Yet, as is evident above the variation in the rainfall seems almost impossible to believe.
    Is this caused by global warming?? I don't know but here are some astonishing facts which emerge from the above table:-

    a) In Sep2007 we did have exceptionally heavy rainfall ie more than double the monthly average.
    b) In 3 days (05Sep-07Sep2007) it rained more than the monthly average.
    c) In Sep 2008 we had deficient rainfall ie less than half the monthly average.
    d) On a single day (06Sep2007) last year, it rained more (187mm) than it did the entire month this year (172mm)

Little wonder then that all the major landslides in the district and Sikkim occurred between 05-7Sep2007 and it was providence alone that stopped the rain thereafter.

This year we have been exceptionally lucky as far as landslides go.. but let us not depend on the luck factor alone!!

Comment by praful rao
My thanks to Compuset Darjeeling for the rainfall data.

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