Sunday, September 14, 2008


STH is one year old today, 15Sep2008.

Looking back, I can tell you we have come a long way...
looking forward, I must tell you we have much to do before anything even remotely connected with landslide prevention starts happening in our hills.
But we must persist - we are where we are because of our own lack of awareness, apathy and disinterest for decades so to expect things to change in a year or even in a decade would be foolish.

In the next year, STH will hopefully be a registered body and that should give us resources to work more effectively in this field - and light up an area which has been in the dark for too long.

My sincere thanks to all those who helped in different ways or made meaningful contributions in the past year; I look forward more interaction with all of you next year and in the years ahead.

praful rao


Hemkar J.B. Rana said...

I Congratulate Wng Cmdr. Praful Rao for laying down the foundation of Save the Hills which has turned a Year today.
I do hope too that we Celebrate this day every year and become Succesful in our endeavour.
For Posterity.
Hemkar JB Rana

sonambwangyal said...

Dear Praful,
It is inappropriate for a friend to say "Well done" for it is expected of a friend to say so even for the slightest of good work. In reality I and the hill folks know and appreciate the relentless crusade you have launched, at most times alone, and all I can say on a birthday is "Great show, God Bless, and Great Goings ahead."
Jhukai himal jhukdaina,
sar katdai manchay mardaina,
Teestako pani bagayko,
Hamro Praful jhukdaina.