Friday, July 4, 2008

Taking our issue to the world..

Landslides affect thousands all over the world and STH is just one voice trying to raise awareness against this hazard which in our part of the world is partly due to ignorance and human callousness (besides a host of other reasons).
In this regard Dr David Petley of Durham University (UK), also Director of International Landslide Centre has a number of websites solely devoted to landslide studies and is an expert in his own right.
I am glad to inform you that STH is featured in his blogsite :-
The entry is reproduced below:-
"Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Some useful landslide and hazard links and blogs

I thought it would be interesting to provide some details of three blogs / sites that I have come across recently, and which I have found useful:

Save the hills: I have posted about this site before, but as we come into the monsoon rainfall season in north India it is worth highlighting again. Save the hills is a community blog focused on drawing attention to the appalling losses from landslides in Darjeeling. It is a terrific campaigning site that also contains some really interesting reports of landslides as and when they occur.

MCN Disaster Newsletter: This is a weekly newsletter that aims to raise awareness of disasters in Nepal, which is a country with more than its fair share of such problems. It contains a really interesting mix of hazard reports and details of capacity building activities in Nepal. This is an organisation that is doing a great job but which desperately needs support to maintain its activities.

GDACS: This is a really interesting idea. GDACS provides real time information about natural disasters occurring around the world. Users can create an account that means that the site will email or text bulletins as and when events occur. At the moment it is focused on tropical cyclones and earthquakes. The site is the product of support from the European Commission. "
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