Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"It will go, it will go in the rains (barkha) this Jul-Aug..."

Rai Gaon, Barabhalukhop, Kalimpong is an area which I visit often. Yesterday, during one such visit I met Mr Man Bahadur (MB) Subba, aged 65yrs who owns approx 3 acres of land there. After the rains last year I had visited his place and talked to his son but I somehow never met him in person.
As we talked, the topic moved on to the subject of landslides and I was filled with a sense of dread at the absolute certainty with which he predicted his own doom. He told me very calmly he would lose at least half an acre of his land to landslides in Jul-August this year... not being able to comprehend his conviction fully, I repeated the question again a little later when he showed me his land...
he repeated
"it will go ... in Jul/Aug"

Comment by praful rao

a) The cause of the landslide here is again a jhora (mountain rivulet) which is devouring the land that it ploughs through.
b) Again, landslide prevention work stopped here years ago and whatever was done then stands out like some archaeological relic from history.
c) After the recent meeting with the DGHC administrator, Mr BL Meena (IAS), I am hopeful that landslide prevention work will again resume but frankly it will take years before we can see the result of any corrective action.

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