Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another voice in the wilderness...

Placed above is a scan from today's "Himalay Darpan" (a prominent Nepali daily in North Bengal and Sikkim) about the landslide situation in the hills.
For those who do not read/understand Nepali, here is the translation:-

The landslides which resulted from the incessant rains of Sep2007 affected villages but the concerned departments have taken no corrective action. This fear was expressed by Mr Dhurba Tamang on behalf of the people of upper Dalapchand. He said that some areas in the vicinity of upper Dalapchand (near the “S” curve) including his home had been severely affected but the concerned depts had done nothing as such chances of survival were bleak during this monsoon.

Even after apprising the concerned authorities during the landslides, adequate prevention measures were not in place and the affected people in Kalimpong Block II (Algarah) area were given only 2 tarpaulin sheets. They then wrote to the Irrigation Dept but despite the engineer touring the area and submitting the estimates, no landslide prevention work had been taken up till date said Mr Tamang.

He said that he had informed the concerned govt officials that some preventive work should be done before the onset of the monsoons, if not it will be difficult to reside in the affected areas.


comment by praful rao

Looks like we have come a full circle; now that the rains are back

but just who is listening?

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