Friday, February 1, 2008

Then and now..Tharpacholing monastery

5 months have elapsed since "the silent disaster" of Sep2007 and we have another 3 months (Feb to April) before the monsoons hit us again..
In this series, I will post photos of landslides (taken earlier after the landslides) and photos of the same area, taken approximately from the same spot 5months later. To be fair, I will also post photos of any preventive work which has taken place around the affected areas and maybe a short interview with any of the local people available.
You be the judge and see how much preventive work has has taken place. (I will post photos from spots in and around Kalimpong where I live, but I am pretty much sure the story is the same elsewhere in the district.)
This is the first of the series:-
Tharpacholing Monastery, Tirpai -Kalimpong

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