Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Developments

1) On 19Sep2007, the survey report as seen below has been sent to:-
a) CPS, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council
b) District Magistrate, Darjeeling

2) Next week KTV will be doing a complete report on the Sindebung landslides and its direct impact on the 12th,11th mile and Bong Busty area. The print media will also cover this story.

1 comment:

amrish said...

hailing from kalimpong myself, i was shocked to see the devastation and chaos the landslides have inflicted upon the people of my beloved hometown.Everytime i call home they mention about incessant rains but i had no idea how bad the situation was.I am highly impressed by the blog and am really happy that we are making our presence felt atleast in the cyber world.Wangchuk is right when he says, its now or never, tomorrow , indeed might be too late.The article was heartwarming and a real eye opener.Bravo!

Amrish sharma
honolulu, hawaii